How to defend against someone coming up from behind with a baseball bat

Uncategorized Jun 03, 2020

I’ve been asked this more times than I can count and I figured it’s time to answer it once and for all. 


“It can’t be done, can it?” you might be thinking right now. 


You’re right.


It can’t be done. And if you’ve seen some online video with some “martial art guru” using his mind to defend it, it’s not real unfortunately. Still, I get asked about it a lot, as if there was some magic that you can learn in martial arts. Sure, you become more combat savvy, so that you know how to be aware of your surroundings and what to do to make yourself less of a target but you will never get another pair of eyes in the back of your neck. 


Unfortunately, people often have this idea that martial arts will give you some magical powers. They will certainly give you powers you never thought were possible but there’s no magic to it. There’s only hard work, dedication and commitment....

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